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We are more than just swimming pool pump manufacturers.
We are specialists in our field, and this enables us:
  • To join efforts and resources
  • To build up know-how
  • To know the market
  • To lead the way in new requirements
  • To conceive unique, different designs
  • To develop innovative products
  • To create more global solutions
  • To offer related services

Our Aim?

To modernise the manufacturing company concept so that such specialisation allows us to keep growing and provide added value within the market.
For this, the new PSH goes further, from being an industrial company to becoming a driving force in finding solutions for our customers. We want our customers to see us as their trustworthy partner, a market reference from where they acquire their products, but also the foothold from which they can develop their projects.

We feel a desire to cooperate, be passionate about our job and have talent to offer.

Go ahead and try the new PSH experience.
  • QUALITY in our products and services
  • TALENT from the people that make up our team
  • COMMITMENT with everything around us
To make flow: 
  • Water from our customers' facilities 
  • Our customers' wellbeing

To create adepts of the PSH brand through the experiences we offer, obtaining the loyalty of our followers and converting non-believers.

  • Creativity: to think of different experiences
  • Ability to transform: to get to where we are
  • Motivation: to press forward
  • Perseverance: to continue paving our way
  • Implication: to overcome the most complex challenges
  • Closeness: to build trust from those who try our products
  • Specialisation: to try to be the best
  • Distinction: to stand out
  • Sustainability: to contribute with our footprint
Professional Good Practices
We believe in the assurance derived from being part of an association which looks out for the interests of the member companies, fosters synergies between market actors, promotes promotional and training activities, professionalises the field, disseminates important information, protects common interests, regulates the sector, etc.

PSH is a member of the following professional associations:
  • Asofap
  • world_waterpark_association
Furthermore, PSH is part of the Sector Committees for Public Swimming Pools, Private-Use Swimming Pools and Water Park Swimming Pools, promoted by ASOFAP.


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